Driving from Torino Caselle Airport

Address:  Bella Baita B&B - Italian Alps Retreat

Serremarchetto 1 - 10060 Pinasca (TO) - Italia

GPS Coordinates -

Latitude:  44.960609  Longitude:  7.240281

(+39) 347 984 2945 Fabrizio / (+39) 339 750 3940 Marla

From Torino Caselle airport (or from the direction of Milano) follow the direction of the Tangenziale (green sign) and Savona/Piacenza signage, skirting around the perimeter of Torino, past the Interporto truck stop.

Continue on the motorway, taking the exit to the right for Pinerolo/Sestriere (SS23).

By Car from Torino follow the direction toward Pinerolo/Sestriere

Skirt around Pinerolo continuing towards Sestriere direction(SS23). You will pass through 2 short tunnels and continue towards Sestriere, approximately 7.1km further, till you arrive at the roundabout with the standing gray stone columns. Exit over the river on the bridge, towards the town of Pinasca.

Continue a short distance to a T intersection. Directly in front of you will be the yellow/brown museum “Abitare in Valle”, turn left towards the church with the clock tower that will be directly ahead once you turn. About 300 meters past the church, turn right at the sign for Serre Marchetto, Podio, and Borgate di Pinasca, continue up about 6 km, following signs for Bella Baita.

The name of the street is Martiri del Castelnuovo and is not always on google maps.

(The GPS sometimes will send you to the old road, Ugo Paolasso, which does connect to this new section of our road and will get you here as well.)

The turn up towards Bella Baita  - Via Martiri del Castenuovo

Drive steadily up quite a few switchbacks about 5.6km following the signs for Bella Baita. Do make the sharp left turn towards Borgata Rossetto. (Tom Tom GPS and others sometimes try to send you in the wrong direction - straight) Continue past Grangiassa and Servel. Keep going till you see the Serremarchetto sign. We are on the right.

Enjoy the scenic ride up, and do not give up too soon!

You haven’t passed us unless you start going down hill!

**If you find yourself at the roundabout by Perosa Argentina and the Coop store, you have passed the turn off. Follow around the roundabout and turn towards Pinasca on the old road. Follow back towards Pinasca. Just beyond the blue and orange IP petrol station on your left, you should see a sign on your right and you need to turn left up to Serre Marchetto and follow the same signs for Bella Baita. You will run out of Bella Baita signs, but continue up, following the Bella Baita signs (2 signs on the way up).

Directions to Bella Baita From France’s Savoy Region

via Briancon, Lyon or Frejus tunnel direction

Address: Bella Baita B&B - Italian Alps Retreat

Serremarchetto 1 - 10060 Pinasca (TO) - Italia

GPS Coordinates -

Latitude: 44.960609 Longitude: 7.240281

(+39) 347 984 2945 Fabrizio / (+39) 339 750 3940 Marla

GPS Coordinates 44.960609     Longitude 7.240281

Heading from the direction of Sestriere, take the SS23 road towards Pinerolo.

Just past Perosa Argentina, at the Coop store, take the roundabout and turn on to the old road towards Pinasca direction.

About ó km you should see a blue and orange IP petrol station on your left, and 200 meters, past it the sign to Serre Marchetto on your right with the turning to your left and heads up the mountain. 

The name of the street is Martiri del Castelnuovo and is not always on google maps. (Some GPS send you to Ugo Paolasso, the old road which does connect to this new section of the road and will get you to Bella Baita also) 

Drive steadily up quite a few switchbacks about 5.6km following the signs for Bella Baita. 

Do make the sharp left turn towards Borgata Rossetto, Tom Tom GPS and others try to send you straight, which is in the wrong direction. 

Continue past Grangiassa and Servel. Keep going up till you see the Serremarchetto sign. 

We are right there.

Train and Bus Directions - Torino to Pinasca Centro (Chiesa)

(+39) 347 984 2945 Fabrizio / (+39) 339 750 3940 Marla

** Please note this needs to be arranged with us prior to your booking.  You should note that we are 6km up from town with no other facilities here other than us, so please enquire about other pertinent information. **

Torino to Pinasca via Porta Susa

You can get to Pinasca from Porta Susa or Puorta Nuova first by train to Pinerolo which is the end of the train line, there you will pick up a Sadem bus to Pinasca (sometimes it is still called Sapav).

The front destination should read "Perosa Argentina" which is past Pinasca (occasionally there are Fenestrelle and Sestriere buses also, but most frequent is the Perosa Argentina bus).

Porta Susa is the most direct train way to Pinerolo (cost is about €6,00).

Take the train to the end of the line in Pinerolo.

Walk towards the front of the Pinerolo train station to purchase your bus ticket for Pinasca from the bar on your left.

The bus stop for Perosa Argentina/ Pinasca is on the side of the train station.

You want to get off at Pinasca Centro or Chiesa (church). Ticket is about €3 from Pinerolo)

The bus stop for Perosa Argentina/ Pinasca

Generally if you say to the driver, Pinasca Centro (pronounced Pee-nas-ka Chin-tro or Kee a za, for the church), they may try to let you know when you are getting close, as it is a request stop.

Make sure there is a church in front of you as they sometimes let you off a bit early. I recommend sitting as close up front so you can see and have the driver help you if necessary. As you approach Pinasca, you should see a sign for Pinasca and a Brico building center/ Ins Market on the left. You will go through Dubbione in Pinasca and you are getting close now. You should see the steeple of the church coming up, as pictured below.

The bus stops just a few houses up before the parking lot of the church. The sign is a blue and white diamond on a pole on the right and is not that easy to see from very far ahead.

Pinasca Bus Stop

You can wait in the church parking lot or cross the street to Bar Claudio Monica. They are helpful to our guests waiting for us to pick them up there. You can purchase bus tickets there when you return to Turin or any other destinations up or down the valley.

Timetables and other public transportation information are found at these websites:

www.sadem.it or www.Trenitalia.it

**Si vous vous retrouve au rond-point où il y a le magasin coop c’est que vous avez manqué le virage. Faites le tour du rond-point et prenez la sortie Pinasca sur la vieille route, suivez la direction de pinasca et juste après la station-service IP sur votre gauche, vous devrez tourner à gauche et monter vers SerreMarchetto et ensuite suivre les mêmes indications écrites précédement.